Technographics- Week 3 Reflection

“The Groundswell is a social trend where people use social technologies to get what they need from each other rather than from traditional instructions like corporations.”A great summary of Groundswell can be found here. It covers the way POST (below) can be used as an approach to social media planning.

P- Profile: profile the people who will visit your website (6 social technographic segments)

  1. Creators
  2. Critics
  3. Collectors
  4. Joiners
  5. Spectators, and
  6. Inactives

O- Objective:Decide which of the 5 tactics will meet your organisations objectives

  1. Listening
  2. Talking
  3. Energizing
  4. Supporting, and
  5. Embracing

S- Strategy: Develop a strategy to meet your objectives

  • What resources need to be put in place for support?
  • Will the social technologies be incorporated into your organization’s website of live offsite?
  • Who will lead the charge?
  • What performance indicators can be put in place?
  • How often do you assess the tactics?

T- Technology: Choose a technology and partner to make your plan reality


Using the Groundswell social technographics ladder, I believe I would be a ‘joiner’. This means that I am present in social media websites mainly to maintain my own relationship circle and absorb information about topics, friends, celebrities and so on. I do not simply sit back and observe from a distance without actively participating as ‘spectators’ do and nor am I someone who uses online resources to “absorb masses of information” and express opinions frequently which would make me a ‘collector’.

A page that really helped me understand this concept can be found at this link.

There are many ways that a business can find out this kind of information about their customers/consumers and I had a lot of help from another online source understanding this as it was a bit of a mystery in the beginning. This source revealed 12 different free tools that can be used by businesses as well as individuals to profile their audience/customers and can be found here.


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